By the Numbers: New Audi R8 vs. Ferrari 488GTB, Lamborghini Huracán, McLaren 650S  May 6th, 2015 
The R8 has always been a bargain among mid-engined supercars, but it’s never had competitive power. That’s no longer the case, although its naturally aspirated torque curve peaks well below those of the turbocharged Ferrari and McLaren. Audi R8 V-10 Plus Ferrari 488GTB Lamborghini Huracán McLaren 650S Base Price: $190,000 $250,000 $240,000 $270,000 Power: 610 […] 
By the Numbers: New Audi R8 vs. Ferrari 488GTB, Lamborghini Huracán, McLaren 650S  May 6th, 2015 
Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions Announces Enhanced Newport Beach Experience  May 6th, 2015 
Returning to Newport Beach for its Third Season, Russo and Steele, the World's Most Exciting Collector Automobile Auction in the World, will be back at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort June 5th-7th, 2015 with an Unprecedented Line-Up. 
Showroom Showdown  May 6th, 2015 
Every great Western had a great villain, but Da Man says not every dealership needs a Lee Van Cleef sitting in the finance office. 
The Absent Objector  May 6th, 2015 
The magazine’s objection-handling pro details how he handled a customer who wanted out of the service contract she purchased the day before. 
2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Driven: SVR SUV WTF LOL OMG  May 5th, 2015 
The Range Rover Sport SVR is not the world’s fastest SUV. Nope, it’s the second-quickest—and that’s if you share the belief of much of the auto industry that a lap of a rarely raced German circuit remains the ultimate arbiter of performance. Land Rover says the SVR can lap the Nürburgring Nordschliefe in 8:14—putting it […] 
2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR – First Drive Review  May 5th, 2015 
2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Rendered, Detailed – Future Cars  May 5th, 2015 
2015 Volkswagen CC 2.0T Manual – Instrumented Test  May 5th, 2015 
2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Rendered, Detailed: All the Whomp, Two Fewer Doors  May 5th, 2015 
What It Is: The most powerful iteration of the next C-class coupe, the Mercedes-AMG C63. It will be strongly differentiated from the non-AMG versions—perhaps even more so than our renderings suggest. Powered by a twin-turbo V-8, the C63 will share less than half of its sheetmetal with the workaday coupes. Look for wide fenders, quadruple […] 
FCA Offers Dealership Employees Free Education at For-Profit Strayer University  May 5th, 2015 
Employee turnover is a big problem for car dealerships, and when a shop finds a quality employee, it’s good business to give that employee a reason to stick around. That’s why Fiat Chrysler has partnered with for-profit Strayer University to offer free, “no-cost, no-debt” college courses to U.S. dealership employees. Fiat Chrysler says that roughly half […] 
Take a S.W.O.T. at Success  May 5th, 2015 
Given the many changes taking place in the F&I field, the AFIP’s executive director says a little self-inspection is in order if you hope to win the F&I trifecta. 
Business as Usual  May 5th, 2015 
A Q&A with Warren Buffett and Larry Van Tuyl headlined the 2015 NADA/J.D. Power Automotive Forum, where the two executives discussed the direction of the nation’s fourth-largest dealer group post-acquisition. 
Maximus Auto Group Releases App, Expanded Online Service  May 5th, 2015 
Protection plan administrator Maximus Auto Group has released an app that allows its customers to view and manage their contracts, file a new claim, contact a rep and more. The company has also expanded its digital platform to include online claim filing. 
Try Before You Buy  May 5th, 2015 
The father of the F&I menu is back, and he has a message for companies claiming to have developed the next big thing for F&I. 
NADA: April Auto Sales Continue to Lead Economic Growth  May 5th, 2015 
Despite the average retail transaction price rising more than 3%, the NADA’s chief economist believes that future auto sales will continue to be backed by strong economic tailwinds. 
Spin Control  May 5th, 2015 
The magazine’s resident legal insider says the media departments at two of the industry’s top regulators got a little too creative with their recent work. 
For the Record  May 5th, 2015 
The editor is forced to make a clarification after getting stung by curious phrasing in the FTC’s press release announcing Operation Ruse Control. He concludes that the agency has F&I in its sights. 
Agents of Change  May 5th, 2015 
Studies show that change is coming to the finance department, and dealerships like Northwest Honda and Southern Chrysler-Jeep are making sure their F&I offices are ahead of the digital curve. 
New Agency to Rep AutoStar’s DMS  May 5th, 2015 
AutoStar Solutions has forged an alliance with KISS Concepts Group, a consulting agency that will represent the software company’s Fusion Ignite DMS system to U.S.-based independent dealerships. 
Do You Have to Use Expensive Cars to Make a Great Car Movie?  May 5th, 2015 
One Ford Mustang and one Dodge Charger. That was all it took back in 1968 to create what is still considered the greatest chase scene in Hollywood history. A Dodge and a Ford were all Bullitt needed to conjure celluloid magic, if you don’t count also needing half of San Francisco. Last year’s Need For Speed put together a fleet of Bugattis, Koenigseggs, and a few cars that didn’t yet exist, and nobody cared. When it comes to chase scenes, excellence doesn’t require expensive sheetmetal or exotic engineering. It just takes brave driving and daring filmmaking. So we’re taking a look at how the total value of the hero cars in a selection of pursuit scenes compares with each movie’s goodness, expressed through film ratings on the popular website Rotten Tomatoes. To get comparable value figures, we took the total value of the cars at the time of the film’s release and converted the figures to current dollars. Below are our findings for a handful of greats, a few not-so-greats, and a couple of major stinkers. 
2015 Audi S5 vs. Cadillac ATS Coupe 3.6, Lexus RC350 F Sport – Comparison Tests  May 5th, 2015 
This Immaculate 1961 250GT Spider Will Cost You 10 LaFerraris  May 5th, 2015 
If the Ferrari 250GT California Spider is one of the rarest and most attractive cars ever built, then it’s of little surprise that they regularly command eight-figure money when making auction-block appearances. Just a few months ago, we saw a ’61 SWB (short-wheelbase) model fetch nearly $20 million in Paris, and there’s no doubt that […] 
The Netherlands Says Maserati Levante SUV to Debut in Detroit  May 5th, 2015 
OK, so maybe not the country of the Netherlands itself, or its government. More accurately, the report comes from De Telegraaf, which states that Maserati’s high-riding SUV will emerge from hiding at Cobo Center next January. Maserati is in the midst of an aggressive product push that will see it expand from three offerings—a trident, if […] 
This Immaculate 1961 250GT Spider Will Cost You 10 LaFerraris  May 5th, 2015 
Video: Four Legendary Ferrari Hypercars, One Legendary Ferrari Test Driver  May 5th, 2015 
Since 1971, Dario Benuzzi has been a fixture at Ferrari. The factory test driver has played a key role in the development of every one of the company’s roadgoing supercars since the 246 Dino. While he handed over chief test driver duties to his hand-picked successor, Raffaele De Simone, in 2003, Benuzzi’s legend cannot be overstated […] 
Portfolio Expands into New California Headquarters  May 5th, 2015 
Portfolio has moved from its headquarters in Irvine to an office in nearby Lake Forest that will accommodate future growth. 
2015 Lexus ES350 Test: The Traditional Essence of Lexus  May 4th, 2015 
For all the brand’s recent emphasis on performance, the traditional essence of Lexus is embodied in cars like this one. Smooth, refined, posh, and chock-a-block with features and furnishings conceived to isolate its occupants from the noise and frustrations of everyday traffic, it’s a car to coddle drivers who regard driving as one of life’s […] 
2015 Lexus ES350 – Instrumented Test  May 4th, 2015 
Tom Hoover, the “Father of the Hemi,” Passes Away at 85  May 4th, 2015 
Tom Hoover, whose work at Chrysler included development of the legendary Max Wedge and 426 Hemi V-8 engines, the 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda, and the 1978 Dodge Li’l Red Express truck, has died. Hoover passed away on April 30 after a long illness. He was 85. Often credited as the “Father of the Hemi,” Hoover trained […] 
Why the Mazda CX-3 Doesn’t Have a Manual Transmission (For Now)  May 4th, 2015 
Despite Mazda continuing to offer a manual transmission in many of its models, as well as the fact that many new entries in the subcompact-crossover segment can be had with a manual, the new 2016 CX-3 mini-ute will be purely a two-pedal affair for the foreseeable future. All U.S.-market CX-3s have a 146-hp, Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter inline-four backed by a conventional […] 
Why the Mazda CX-3 Doesn’t Have a Manual Transmission (For Now)  May 4th, 2015 
2016 Chrysler 300 SRT: It’s Alive – Future Cars  May 4th, 2015 
Lightning Seed? Next-Generation Ford F-150 Performance Pickup Rendered!  May 4th, 2015 
During the sport-truck mania of the 1990s and early aughts, Ford’s SVT unit graced us with two versions of the Lightning. Out of production since 2004, that hole in Ford’s lineup ostensibly has been filled by the flatbill-ready, improbably lovable Raptor. And while FoMoCo wasted no time displaying a second-gen Raptor based on the new, aluminum-intensive F-150, […] 
It’s Alive! 2016 Chrysler 300 SRT Caught Wandering in Detroit  May 4th, 2015 
What It Is: Less than a year ago, we snagged a pair of 2015 Chrysler 300s doing the hide-in-plain-sight thing, running around Detroit with the fresh bits—primarily the hood, fascia, and rump—obscured by the usual fabric cloaking. It was nothing unusual, as manufacturers have been using Motown surface streets to exercise almost-ready-for-primetime models for decades. […] 
Lightning Seed? Next-Generation Ford F-150 Performance Pickup Rendered!  May 4th, 2015 
Mercedes G-Class Gets More Horsepower and Colors, Same (Very) Old Shape  May 4th, 2015 
The Mercedes-Benz G-class has soldiered on since 1979, regularly refreshed with mildly updated styling and additional luxury appointments but largely unaltered since its disco-era debut. This year hews to the same strategy, with more horsepower, some opulent interior updates, and the same ammo-box shape that refuses to acknowledge the concept of aerodynamics. For 2016, the […] 
Mercedes-Benz Readies Three New Roadsters  May 4th, 2015 
Despite a market for convertibles that is moving sideways at best, Mercedes-Benz is not only staying with it but is adding to its roadster roster. As depicted by three renderings, the firm will update the Mercedes-Benz SL; facelift the SLK, which will be renamed the SLC; and add a roadster variant of the stunning Mercedes-AMG […] 
Everyone Loves Twins: Two Brazen Yellow Ferrari Testarossas to Go to Auction at Silverstone  May 4th, 2015 
Two yellow-hot Ferrari Testarossas will roll across the auction block at Britain’s legendary Silverstone circuit later this month. The first Prancing Horse is a 1986 model and is claimed to have been impeccably maintained by its two previous owners despite clocking 45,000 road miles. Two distinguishing features of this early model are the single “flying […] 
Tesla Launches Online Used Car Sales  May 4th, 2015 
While everybody was busy watching for Tesla to introduce its wall-mounted battery pack for solar-powered houses, the electric automaker quietly began offering used Model S sedans on its website. Now you can get a certified preowned Model S—provided you live in one of the 11 U.S. metropolitan areas currently offering used Teslas. The Wall Street Journal […] 
Redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Volt Sees Price Drop  May 4th, 2015 
In five years, more than 76,000 Americans have welcomed Bob Lutz’s electric baby into their homes, all this time wishing it would grow up to be a faster, cleaner, and cheaper plug-in hybrid. The second-gen 2016 Chevrolet Volt has matured with at least one of those hopes fulfilled: It’s $1175 less than the 2015 model. […] 
Get Gassy: 2016 Ford F-150 Offers CNG Prep Package for 5.0-Liter V-8  May 4th, 2015 
Just before the previous-generation F-150 went out of production, Ford offered the truck with a “gaseous-fuel prep” option for the 2014 model year. In non-gassy speak, the package was essentially a kit that allowed the engine to run on compressed natural gas, and it was only available with the old F-150’s base 3.7-liter V-6. Now nearly […] 
Everyone Loves Twins: Two Brazen Yellow Ferrari Testarossas to Go to Auction at Silverstone  May 4th, 2015 
Redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Volt Sees Price Drop  May 4th, 2015 
2015 Ford F-150 2.7 EcoBoost 4×4 Tested: Little Hustler  May 4th, 2015 
We were skeptics of Ford’s aluminum-truck-bed-and-body gambit, but in a February-issue comparison test, a $60,000-plus F-150 SuperCrew with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 dispatched the mostly steel four-door competition from Chevrolet, Ram, and Toyota. But there’s a new, even smaller engine on the F-150’s order sheet, a 2.7-liter V-6. How, we wondered, would it fare under […] 
2015 Ford F-150 2.7L EcoBoost 4×4 – Instrumented Test  May 4th, 2015 
The Continental: China Rising, Awesome AMGs, and No U.S.-Bound Front-Drive BMWs  May 4th, 2015 
Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental. One of Germany’s most prolific auto designers continues to make headlines—as the chief designer of Qoros, […] 
LeMons Southern Discomfort Day 1: VW Golf-vs-Volvo 262C Bertone Drama, Duratec-Powered Geo Metro Leads Class B  May 3rd, 2015 
We inspected the entrants at the sixth annual Southern Discomfort 24 Hours of LeMons on Friday, and today they raced. We saw a lot of lead changes in each of three classes, but— unusually for LeMons— Class A turned out to be the most exciting. Here’s what went down in Kershaw today. Team S.O.B. (Sick […] 
LeMons Southern Discomfort Inspections: Ranchero, Fairlane, Valiant, Monza, Many Mustangs and Miatas  May 2nd, 2015 
We’re back at Carolina Motorsports Park in South Carolina for the sixth annual Southern Discomfort 24 Hour of LeMons, and today we inspected the 90 or so vehicles that will be competing this weekend. We saw more Mazda Miatas, BMW 3- and 5-series cars, and Ford Mustangs than ever before at this venue, which was […] 
2016 Mazda CX-3 – First Drive Review  May 1st, 2015 
Apple Watch App for Tesla Model S Now Exists—Because Apple Watch [w/ Video]  May 1st, 2015 
Well, that was quick. This report from indicates that a Tesla-controlling app for the Apple Watch is now a fully realized thing, and it’s pretty neat. There’s nothing about developer Rego Apps’ Tesla Model S Watch app that’s totally new or different from, say, Tesla’s own smartphone app for the electric sedan, or other automakers’ in-house apps that allow users […] 
James Bond SPECTRE’s Jaguar/Aston Chase Scene Is Shaping Up To Be Epic [w/ Video]  May 1st, 2015 
Excitement for the latest James Bond 007 movie, SPECTRE, is growing, including, at least in our circle, for the flick’s hot cars. While there will be a Range Rover Sport SVR and some cool, modded Defenders, the real stars are the ultra-limited-production Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar’s 890-hp hybrid C-X75 supercar concept. The movie’s makers […] 
2016 Mazda CX-3 First Drive: Goodness on a Small Scale  May 1st, 2015 
The subcompact-crossover segment is erupting like an overdue volcano—witness the new Chevy Trax, Fiat 500X, and Honda HR-V joining other wee hatchbacks on stilts, such as the Buick Encore, Jeep Renegade, Kia Soul, Mini Countryman, and Nissan Juke. Now, having spent several hours behind the wheel of Mazda’s new CX-3, we think it just may […] 
Smoove, B: We Attend Rolls-Royce’s White Glove Chauffeur Training Program  May 1st, 2015 
Mssrs. Johnson and Siler at your service. The Rolls-Royce Phantom and I have a history, and with the exception of a seaside blast in a Phantom Coupé years ago, that history has revolved around me carting around my fellow humans. I spent a couple of days playing chauffeur for automotive gadfly Alex Roy in New […] 
Texas DMV Halts Plan to Fine Dealers with CarGurus Listings  May 1st, 2015 
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division has pulled back on its plan to fine dealers with listings on after the department and the shopping site discussed revisions to CarGurus’ advertising practices in a call yesterday. 
Watch Oak Ridge National Lab 3D-Print a Replica Shelby Cobra  May 1st, 2015 
We’re not sure how this flew under our radar, but at this year’s Detroit auto show in January, the Department of Energy showed off an electric vehicle it had 3D-printed out of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. It was inspired by the iconic Shelby Cobra, but its construction technique—and some liberties seemingly taken with the original lines—mean this isn’t a replica […] 
SVR FTW! Jaguar Won’t Do More R-S or R-S GT Models  May 1st, 2015 
The auto industry isn’t exactly short of three-letter acronyms, or TLAs as they are sometimes referred to by those either proficient or deficient in the art of irony. But while the arrival of Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations Division is adding a few more (including one set to designate a new generation of extreme off-roaders), we’re […] 
Tesla Unveils the Powerwall, a Wall-Mounted Battery for Your Home  May 1st, 2015 
A company created to build battery-operated cars is now expanding into battery-operated homes and, if Tesla chief Elon Musk wins his battle to electrify the carbon-based world, battery-operated everything. Starting later this year, a new Tesla company called Tesla Energy will market a 10-kWh, $3500 wall-mounted battery called the Powerwall and will also launch a […] 
Ford Expands Door-Latch Recall to Include 156,000 More Cars  May 1st, 2015 
Ford is adding 156,000 more cars to last week’s recall covering faulty door latches, the company said today. It’s the latest in a series of door-latch problems that have affected more than 1.1 million Ford models within the past year. There are now 456,440 vehicles in the U.S. that have pawl springs in the latching […] 
Porsche Is Working on the Most Entertaining Cruise Control Ever—It Can Corner up to 0.70 g  May 1st, 2015 
From the May 2015 issue Today’s active cruise-control systems can read the road, spot impending collisions, and automatically apply the car’s brakes.  A few even steer to some degree. Seemingly every new luxury car boasts an incremental upgrade—now with gopher detection!—but by decade’s end, Porsche will debut an active cruise with one feature that no […] 
Huge New Investment Puts Aston Martin In Position to Build Everything It’s Promised  May 1st, 2015 
The money is talking loudly in Gaydon this week after Aston Martin’s Italian and Middle Eastern investors committed £200 million ($307 million) for the British sports-car maker’s first-ever crossover SUV, among other products slated for the decade’s end. The company’s two major private-equity shareholders, the Italian Investindustrial and the Dubai-based Tejara Capital, have together purchased £100 million […] 
The Three Tinters of Atlanta Now Offers Terraflex Nano Carbon Black Technology Window Tinting for Private and Commercial Cars and Trucks in Marietta, Decatur, Dunwoody and the Surrounding Area  May 1st, 2015 
Window tinting installation company uses new carbon black technology window film in the greater Atlanta area 
Bitchin’ Indeed: A Visual History of the Chevrolet Camaro  May 1st, 2015 
While the Camaro would become the Mustang’s most intense rival, its heritage doesn’t strictly parallel that of the Ford product. Now in it's fifth generation, it's time to take a look at the Camaro's heritage. 
None More Black? Signs Point to Black Series–Baiting Cadillacs  Apr 30th, 2015 
Cadillac is looking at high-performance derivatives beyond its current portfolio, brand executives said at the recent media launch of the ATS-V in Texas. Cadillac currently offers a sedan and a coupe version of the 464-hp ATS-V; in the fall, the 640-hp CTS-V will be added. But that’s not enough. Asked whether Cadillac was considering a burlier, […] 
We Fill in the Blanks with JLR’s Special Vehicle Ops (Including, Yes, a Mega F-type with AWD)  Apr 30th, 2015 
There’s no official confirmation that the next car to wear Jaguar Land Rover’s SVR performance branding will be an F-type—this is an informed hypothesis. Yet aside from that small detail, we can tell you a surprising amount about it after a fascinating conversation with the boss of Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, John Edwards. When SVO […] 
If at FR-S You Don’t Succeed: Scion Updates FR-S Again for 2016  Apr 30th, 2015 
Cadillac Confirms Four- and Six-Cylinder Diesel Engines, Studying Three-Cylinders, and More  Apr 30th, 2015 
Cadillac is getting serious about efficient powertrains. The brand will launch four- and six-cylinder diesel engines, Cadillac chief engineer Dave Leone re-confirmed to us. (Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen previously asserted a similar plan and said the engines would arrive by 2019.) “They are both new engines,” Leone told us. He said that the usage and tuning […] 
If at FR-S You Don’t Succeed: Scion Updates FR-S Again for 2016  Apr 30th, 2015 
Scion’s sales woes for the FR-S sports car haven’t un-woed, and the company sold just 893 of the coupes in March, down from 1464 during the same month last year. After debuting to much acclaim in 2013—the Scion and its Subaru BRZ twin were both named to our 10Best Cars list that year—sales have slid […] 
Bye, Felicia; Hi, Fabia—Škoda Debuts FUNstar Mini-Pickup Concept  Apr 30th, 2015 
Of the post-Communist Škodas, there is one near and dear to our hearts above all others. The Felicia Fun, a pickup variant of the company’s last vehicle built on a pre-Volkswagen platform. Featuring a midgate-esque thingy-dingy that, when folded down, allowed seating for four—sort of like a reverse Subaru BRAT—the Fun stands right up there with […] 
Ousted Piëch Putting Up Fight Over VW Board Appointees  Apr 30th, 2015 
This is hardly a surprise. While the rest of VW’s supervisory board was no doubt hoping that Volkswagen/Porsche heavyweight Ferdinand Piëch would simply disappear and enjoy retirement after he and his wife (and fellow VW board member) Ursula stepped down last week—his critical remarks on the performance of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn had been met with outrage—that isn’t […] 
Hear the Lamentations of the Boulders: Land Rover Prepping Burly SVX Off-Road Models  Apr 30th, 2015 
We’ll start with an apology to any fans of two-door Subarus who have found this page via a wayward Google search. Because the SVX that brings us here isn’t the compellingly bizarre Giugiaro-designed 1990s coupe—one of the biggest automotive flops of the past 25 years—but rather Land Rover’s plans to use the acronym for some butched-up […] 
Texas Dealers Could Face Fines Over CarGurus’ Business Practices  Apr 30th, 2015 
Last week, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division issued a cease-and-desist letter to CarGurus and the state’s dealer association, threatening dealers with fines up to $10,000 a day if the shopping site does not revise its advertising practices. 
AGWS Adds VP of Training  Apr 30th, 2015 
Industry veteran and compliance expert Bob Harkins will serve as vice president of training for American Guardian's AGWS University. 
This Is What Ford’s Transit Van Looks Like as a Woody—and It’s for a Good Cause  Apr 30th, 2015 
It’s always nice when a good cause and fun automotive design converge, and so it is the case with the cool Ford Transit van you see here. Izzy Paskowitz is a former pro surfer who runs Surfers Healing, a group that works to connect and engage with autistic children using surfing, and his current beach shuttle is a […] 
What’s the Hellcat’s True Potential? We Head to the Drag Strip with Various Tires to Find Out  Apr 30th, 2015 
What’s the Hellcat’s True Potential? We Head to the Drag Strip with Various Tires to Find Out  Apr 30th, 2015 
From the May 2015 issue Mopar’s reputation at the drag strip has been secure for more than 50 years, ever since Chrysler CEO Lynn Townsend told his engineers to get busy building a modern Hemi to rule them all. If not a lineal descendant, the 707-hp powder keg in the Challenger SRT Hellcat is a […] 
Look, More 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Parts! Tease Continues with Shot of Hood, Rear Fender  Apr 30th, 2015 
Browse Chevrolet’s string of teasers for the 2016 Camaro, all of which show individual bits of the car, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the automaker isn’t previewing a new car so much as it is giving us an unprecedented early look at what the sixth-gen Camaro will look like in a junkyard in […] 
From the C/D Archives: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 Original Test  Apr 30th, 2015 
What’s a Camaro? Chevrolet sent us a French-English dictionary which defined “camaro” as a little-known colloquialism meaning “comrade” or “pal.” The word was so little-known that none of our French friends had ever heard of it. Sounds Spanish, they said, so we tried a Spanish-English dictionary. Eureka! “Camaro” is defined as a gratuity, a shrimp […] 
Pace Jam: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Gets Tapped for Indy 500 Pace Car Duty  Apr 30th, 2015 
To surprise of absolutely no one, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has been selected to pace the field at the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500. As the long-reigning poster child for domestic performance, the Corvette Z06 being paired with the Indy 500, a storied and distinctly American celebration of the all that is right in the world—at […] 
Pace Jam: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Gets Tapped for Indy 500 Pace Car Duty  Apr 30th, 2015 
2016 Honda HR-V – First Drive Review  Apr 30th, 2015 
2016 Honda HR-V First Drive Review: Small Gets Tall  Apr 30th, 2015 
The SUV-ification of the automobile market continues apace, with buyers in even the smallest segment now deciding that they, too, want the higher seating position and (in all-wheel-drive versions) the bad-weather capability afforded by a crossover-type vehicle. Honda is showing more hustle than usual with the new 2016 HR-V, getting into this game in the […] 
Peak Performance and Outsell Join Forces to Deliver a Powerful Cross-channel Customer Engagement Solution  Apr 30th, 2015 
The Peak-Outsell partnership brings dealers and OEMs a cross-channel, cross-tier customer engagement solution that will offer dealerships a one stop shop for their sales and service needs that spans all channels and tiers. 
2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R Option Pricing Leaked  Apr 29th, 2015 
Pricing for the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R isn’t out yet, despite Ford’s decision to release a limited number of 2015-model-year variants sooner than expected (originally, the cars were slated to go on sale as 2016s), but now we at least have preliminary option pricing for both cars. Unofficially. It comes courtesy of the […] 
2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R Option Pricing Leaked  Apr 29th, 2015 
Six for Eight: 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4MATIC Tested  Apr 29th, 2015 
Mercedes-Benz gets credit—or blame—for inventing the whole silly “four-door coupe” thing with the CLS550 it launched in the U.S. in 2005. It took Audi and BMW a while to catch on, but today the notion of a sleeker but less functional four-door is so common that it has even spreaded to, heaven help us, the […] 
2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4MATIC – Instrumented Test  Apr 29th, 2015 
Vee-ndetta: 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Way More Affordable than M5, E63 AMG  Apr 29th, 2015 
Cadillac probably didn’t need to hold the price of the 2016 CTS-V sport sedan so far below that of the 560-hp BMW M5 and the 550-hp Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, what with its superior output (640 horsepower) and general awesomeness, but it went ahead and did so anyway. The CTS-V is a full $10,860 cheaper than the […] 
Infiniti’s Vision GT Concept Comes to Life in China  Apr 29th, 2015 
Concept cars, of late, have fallen into two camps, the first being nearly final production designs wearing some extra bling. Others are entirely impractical exercises in pure design, bearing little relation to anything you’d see on the road. And then, there’s this gorgeous thing from Infiniti—an honest-to-goodness concept car in the original sense of the […] 
Vee-ndetta: 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Way More Affordable than M5, E63 AMG  Apr 29th, 2015 
Enter the Heart of Darkness: Chevy Impala Midnight Edition  Apr 29th, 2015 
Sure, you can get your Chevy Impala in black. You can even get it in black-on-black, given the upholstery options available on all but the base model. But what if you want to go darker—as dark, perhaps, as the deepest night? The bowtie division has got you covered. The Impala Midnight Edition, first shown at […] 
Enter the Heart of Darkness: Chevy Impala Midnight Edition  Apr 29th, 2015 
Ford Recalls 554K Cars For Power Steering, Fuel Pumps, and More  Apr 29th, 2015 
Fresh after last week’s recall of nearly 400,000 late-model Fords for faulty door latches, the Blue Oval is recalling another 554,314 cars in the U.S. for a variety of problems with fuel pumps, heat shields, steering gear, and parking lamps. The biggest of the four new recalls affects the 2013-2015 Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, and 2015 […] 
Polestar to Begin Offering Factory Tuning Kits for Volvo’s New Drive-E Four-Cylinder Engines  Apr 29th, 2015 
When Volvo announced it was producing another run of its sporty S60 and V60 Polestar models to meet unexpected demand, it also mentioned that there were plans in the works to spread goodness from its racing partner Polestar to other models. Just a few months later, Volvo has confirmed exactly what we wanted to hear: That it’s rolling […] 
Ezra Dyer: What Ever Happened to the Affordable Pickup Truck?  Apr 29th, 2015 
In 1987, my parents bought their first new truck, a Dodge Ram D150. The Big Dodge Ram, as it came to be called, was so sparsely equipped that it should have come with a vow of celibacy. It had a manual trans hooked to an overtaxed 95-hp slant six. You sat on a bench seat […] 
You Ain’t No OG: Mercedes G-Wagen Clone Appears at Shanghai  Apr 29th, 2015 
We look at this cloned Mercedes-Benz G-wagen as heresy punishable by four years in automotive design school. But in China, where copyright infringement is encouraged by the government’s many state-owned enterprises, knockoff products are simply good business. Unlike contracts other foreign automakers enter with Chinese companies, this isn’t a simple rebadge of a discontinued model […] 
Super Spark: College Students Transform Tiny Chevy into Groovy Lounge  Apr 29th, 2015 
It’s a Chevy Spark like you’ve never seen: An airy, swivel-seat lounge space that belongs parked inside Amsterdam’s funky Schiphol airport, instead of outside on the rental lot. Euro travelers napping on beanbags, all aboard the Clemson Deep Orange 5. America’s only automotive engineering graduate program, the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, is […] 
Credit Unions Now Third Largest Auto Lender Type, CUDL Reports  Apr 29th, 2015 
Credit unions are competing aggressively in the automotive marketplace, financing one in four auto loans so far in 2015, CU Direct reports. 
Putting F&I Online Increases Profits, MakeMyDeal Finds  Apr 29th, 2015 
A new study from Cox Automotive company MakeMyDeal found that 63% of consumers would be more likely to buy F&I products if they could learn about them on their own time before entering a dealership. 
24 Hours of LeMons Detroit: The Winners!  Apr 29th, 2015 
The 24 Hours of LeMons crew has survived another weekend of torture testing tired vehicles on the track at Gingerman Raceway, although some cars’ engines left the circuit with lower percentages of intact internals than others. Nevertheless, most of the intrepid Midwest regulars and a few new faces managed to avoid showering the Michigan track’s […] 
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